Dupuyer Montana

buy a fishing license from Bill
to fish the Blackfoot Reservation.

Giving directions to Dog Gun Lake
he spills life at you in coffee cups
like time sifting down




(c) Charles Amarack


“you rehearse every time you play your instrument.”

-Thelonius Monk

Missoula police and ambulance report

man found drunk in yard.

wallet burned in fire.

driveaway at gas station reported.

customer returns to pay for gas.

gas stolen from man’s pickup at marina.


golfer knocked unconscious with own club.

heart attack victim succumbs.

domestic disturbance reported.

dog attacks homeowner.

counterfeit money found inside stolen jacket.

man arrested outside bar for assault.

woman kidnaps child from day care.

homeless veteran murdered.

traffic accident. head on. two killed. one injured.

man found passed out in gas station bathroom.

woman assaulted. husband arrested.

shoplifting reported at drugstore.


traffic accident. minor injuries. failure to yield citation issued.

homeless man injured. refused assistance.

disturbance at movie theatre. drunken man removed.

children playing with dead dog.

cat found hung on porch.

car stolen at lakeside casino.

teenage runaway found. returned to family.

woman found dead.

man found drunk in yard again.

problem bear destroyed by authorities.

(C)  Charles Amarack

problembear’s complaint #321

I’ve finally lost interest in the democratic presidential campaign. The game is in the 23 inning and there appears to be nothing left in the bullpen decent enough to suit up. The few fans left in the ball park appear to be asleep or dead from boredom.

Is there no end to the bullets in the revolver which the democrats seem to be so adept at shooting into their own foot?  The crucial undecided voters waver while their two champions send a constant lineup of hapless pitchers against hopeless hitters. Meanwhile, the oblivious media  fill air time with the most trivial of inanities and pointless jargon. If this is a republican strategy to derail public outrage over the failed policies of the last eight years, then it appears to be working.The stunned middle class seems to be milling around in the slaughter pens just waiting for the hammer to fall.

Absurd World

ever since growing up in oregon

as a poor bear cub

the world has seemed absurd to me.

the algebra of reality escapes me.

but, the strength of a river begins in 

 springs, creeks, streams, ditches and gutters.

it becomes a mixture

that no ocean can refuse.


(c) Charles Amarack

What you can count on

our gas price was1.50 per gallon

on the day bush took the white house

today our gas price is 3.59 per gallon

which only confirms our worst fear;

you can only put so many greedy rats in a cage

before they start biting each other

over less and less cheese.

human existence complete with

pathetic fears and ridiculous dreams

amounts to nothing

without an atmosphere

to breathe.

even the puny nuclear pop-guns

we are so proud of

are just bug guts

against the windshield of geologic time.

maybe we will get smarter

as we drive along;

evolve beyond our nature.

most likely

blue green algae will have to

start all over again.


(c) Charles Amarack

Pure Hell Adventures #2

Nearly all of the corporate executives who attended our survival course

are accounted for. Thanks to satellite transmitters which remained attached

to  the cadavers we have located most of the participants.

Unfortunately, bears and cougars have eviscerated the remains

making their exact location difficult to pinpoint.

We regret the inconvenience, however our attorneys wish to state

that legally and duly notarized release forms signed by the participants

render us exempt from culpability and immune from litigation.


Successful survivors (should any be found) will be regaled and properly decorated in the winner’s circle,

 In the meantime, we will roast a pig in the fire pit

created by the rescue helicopter’s unfortunate crash landing.

Liquor will be served.

Dress is optional.

(c) Charles Amarack