Missoula one week later/after OBAMACLINTON

life goes on in the shadow of the mountains where the rivers meet after the brief attention span of the nation has meandered elsewhere. our poorest citizens queue up at the food bank to receive their meager rations while the propped up economy resting on thin air continues to fool itself for another day and we drive to our jobs with gas we can’t afford in cars we can’t pay for so we can make payments on our houses we can’t afford. The casino royale exposed behind the curtain of Wall Street continues to lure the unwary while it plummets to its eventual demise while we herald spring by launching our drift boats on the few rivers left unpolluted and try to fool trout with barbless hooks camouflaged as a bug banquet. the OBAMACLINTON traveling hope show made us giddy for a day or so but bears must forage for their daily bread so I close with this: there’s nothing wrong with hope. feed the hungry. comfort the troubled and look up at the horizon once in a while. It will make you feel better. here’s hoping you find a cinnamon roll once in awhile in the dumpster dive of life.- P.B.

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