stuff problembear’s like

  •  cinnamon rolls
  • unlocked dumpsters
  • backpacks
  • small hikers
  • pies of all varieties
  • beehives
  • salmon
  • blackberries
  • huckleberries
  • slow elk
  • slow deer
  • roast succulent penguin served under glass

       to be continued after nap……

Smug middle class starting to feel it

As gas prices rise toward a predicted four dollars per gallon this summer and once-staid investment icons plummet in value or go bankrupt, even the smart ones who did not participate in bad mortgages or sucker for too much credit card debt are finally beginning to feel the pinch and they are squealing about it. Milk is above four dollars a gallon. Flour and other grains are tripling in price. Food in the supermarkets is costing almost 22% more in just one year.

This smug middle class are the same people who followed the example of the rich in pointing fingers at the majority of us who where less cautious and they delight in telling us we deserve the suffering that will soon befall us. The truth is, the majority of America’s middle and marginal middle class suckered for buying more on credit and the rich encouraged it to keep the train on the track. But now that the freight cars have come uncoupled from the dead engine of our economy, the cars are rolling downhill with no brakes from the steep mountain pass of false prosperity. The impact will be crushing in every charity and non-profit organization that serves as a flimsy landing net for the hungry, out of work, medically underinsured and unprepared among us.

The poorest have endured the worst already and the richest will be slightly inconvenienced, but the roar of outrage that will surely emanate from the middle class has not even begun to manifest itself.Here is hoping that when the outcry comes it serves to build a positive response by steering us in the direction of self-sufficient and reasoned resource development, rather than the usual fear-driven frenzy to find more finite resources to devour. 35 years of making the same mistakes over and over again is enough. In 1973, America had a wake up call when the gas shortage jolted us all momentarily into reality. Many bright minds briefly looked into the possibility of developing alternative energy sources but, when gas became cheap and abundant again, most of those plans were put on hold. Now America faces a crisis so overwhelming that it threatens to destroy our economy and our way of life.

The Reagan-inspired dinosaur-brained policies of buying military power on credit and basing energy policies on enriching oil corporations and cartels have nearly bankrupted this country. The time for change was 35 years ago. Now, we have to play some serious catchup to even compete with most of the developing nations of the world. We cannot rely on some politician to get elected to make the changes that will be necessary to turn this around. We must all contribute to an outcry so loud that every institution responsible for this mess is shaken to it’s foundation. If middle class and marginal middle class Americans still have the gumption to unite, we can rebuild the engine and recouple the cars and start the long climb back to prosperity. We can no longer allow the rich to divide and lead us into what appears to be a new depression combined with inflation. This malady commonly affects many undeveloped and underdeveloped nations on a regular basis. They must beg for credit to feed their people.  It appears that 35 years of bumbling greed driven policies may have succeeded in finally driving America into a fate dangerously similar.