What you can count on

our gas price was1.50 per gallon

on the day bush took the white house

today our gas price is 3.59 per gallon

which only confirms our worst fear;

you can only put so many greedy rats in a cage

before they start biting each other

over less and less cheese.

human existence complete with

pathetic fears and ridiculous dreams

amounts to nothing

without an atmosphere

to breathe.

even the puny nuclear pop-guns

we are so proud of

are just bug guts

against the windshield of geologic time.

maybe we will get smarter

as we drive along;

evolve beyond our nature.

most likely

blue green algae will have to

start all over again.


(c) Charles Amarack

Pure Hell Adventures #2

Nearly all of the corporate executives who attended our survival course

are accounted for. Thanks to satellite transmitters which remained attached

to  the cadavers we have located most of the participants.

Unfortunately, bears and cougars have eviscerated the remains

making their exact location difficult to pinpoint.

We regret the inconvenience, however our attorneys wish to state

that legally and duly notarized release forms signed by the participants

render us exempt from culpability and immune from litigation.


Successful survivors (should any be found) will be regaled and properly decorated in the winner’s circle,

 In the meantime, we will roast a pig in the fire pit

created by the rescue helicopter’s unfortunate crash landing.

Liquor will be served.

Dress is optional.

(c) Charles Amarack

Pure Hell Adventures #1


life  is a survival course every day

and nothing is guaranteed to be safe

food is scarce; fuel prohibitively expensive

and many other creatures covet your niche


the moon glowers over a stark existence of hiding

in obscure entertainment

exchanging furtive glances parties do spontaneously erupt

however schedules should be checked for serendipity

and confrontation with fate should be avoided


there is not one thing that I trully know

even if I believed that imparting it to you were possible

 it would only create more confusion

remember that this is a test of your survival skills

practice practice