problembear’s complaint #321

I’ve finally lost interest in the democratic presidential campaign. The game is in the 23 inning and there appears to be nothing left in the bullpen decent enough to suit up. The few fans left in the ball park appear to be asleep or dead from boredom.

Is there no end to the bullets in the revolver which the democrats seem to be so adept at shooting into their own foot?  The crucial undecided voters waver while their two champions send a constant lineup of hapless pitchers against hopeless hitters. Meanwhile, the oblivious media  fill air time with the most trivial of inanities and pointless jargon. If this is a republican strategy to derail public outrage over the failed policies of the last eight years, then it appears to be working.The stunned middle class seems to be milling around in the slaughter pens just waiting for the hammer to fall.