“you rehearse every time you play your instrument.”

-Thelonius Monk

Missoula police and ambulance report

man found drunk in yard.

wallet burned in fire.

driveaway at gas station reported.

customer returns to pay for gas.

gas stolen from man’s pickup at marina.


golfer knocked unconscious with own club.

heart attack victim succumbs.

domestic disturbance reported.

dog attacks homeowner.

counterfeit money found inside stolen jacket.

man arrested outside bar for assault.

woman kidnaps child from day care.

homeless veteran murdered.

traffic accident. head on. two killed. one injured.

man found passed out in gas station bathroom.

woman assaulted. husband arrested.

shoplifting reported at drugstore.


traffic accident. minor injuries. failure to yield citation issued.

homeless man injured. refused assistance.

disturbance at movie theatre. drunken man removed.

children playing with dead dog.

cat found hung on porch.

car stolen at lakeside casino.

teenage runaway found. returned to family.

woman found dead.

man found drunk in yard again.

problem bear destroyed by authorities.

(C)  Charles Amarack