Cleaning up the place

the age of hysteria is upon us. Now that the greatest generation has almost completely passed away we panic because we remember that they warned us about being too complacent. We were too comfortable and too spoiled to listen. the bill is past due and payable and the laws of physics will collect.

we can blame the politicians that we elect; we can blame the corporations that we support, but in the end the blame lies with us. we cannot retire this debt any more than we can stop the grass from growing by mowing the lawn. Global warming has begun and round and round she goes- where she stops nobody knows. the laws of entropy and reaction must ensue.

vanishing middle class

overheard while waiting in line at Orange Street Food Farm today after my shift at work:

“today I had to get a third job to pay for the gas to get to my other 2 jobs.”

say no to fear


the bush/mcCain strategem is clear- let fear do all the dirty work. the american public responds best to republican fear tactics like calling Obama a Nazi-appeaser for being willing to talk before blowing up entire countries and bankrupting America in the process. the next 6 months will determine if the following quotes will describe America in the future:

“there’s a sucker born every minute.”- P.T. Barnum

“never give a sucker an even break.”- W.C. Fields

the republicans are banking on the majority in the country acting like sheep.

I hope Americans can stand up to this test and show that this country can still be the free thinking brave experiment in democracy that it started out to be. all we are asking is give peace a chance.

Liquid centers- a discontinuity

It is razor thin

this absolute line between real and crazy.

there is an unexplored part of the earth called the Mohorovic discontinuity. it is the border between the earth’s brittle upper crust and it’s liquid mantle. We know very little about it because our tools are too tiny to penetrate to that depth. We know it’s there because sonar waves act strangely when they pass through it. It is where the earthquakes begin- between various plates of colliding crust.

political action begins in the liquid centers beneath moving and shifting tectonic plates. it is called our shadow government there are researchers investigating this as well. check them out at

want to see change? stop rewarding bad behavior


It’s so simple. When toddlers misbehave we punish them. Politicians and lawyers are toddlers. So are corporations. We have been spoiling them. Stop thinking of politicians, lawyers and corporations as evil and think of them instead as toddlers. We need to stop rewarding bad behavior.

I propose that we enact the following laws:

1. If your health insurance company denies a legitimate claim for fraudulent reasons they should pay a fine of not less than 10,000 dollars per infraction and up to 100,000 dollars.

this will stop most of the runaround that we all get from our HMO’s

2. If an entity overbills a client there will be a fine of not less than 100 dollars (for accidents) and up to 10,000 dollars (if intentional fraud).

When was the last time somebody made a mistake in your cable bill? cell phone bill? insurance bill? utility bill? ever notice how it is always more – not less! this law would stop the “oops, we overcharged you- so sorry.” problem. why not try to cheat us? it’s free money! plus there’s no downside. If we catch them- they still get the full amount owed. Let’s stop rewarding bad behavior!


3. If a frivolous lawsuit is dismissed the claimant’s lawyer should pay a fine of not less than 1000 dollars and up to 10,000 dollars per case.

This would free up at least 50% of tort cases pending now.

4. Politicians who run for elective office should sign a notarized statement of all promises made during the election when they are sworn in. Their word should mean something. If they deviate from each promise there should be a minimum fine of not less than 1000 dollars and up to 100,000 dollars.

This will make lying expensive.

just a few suggestions. I just think that as long as we reward bad behavior we can expect more of it.



5 days after hurricane Govt does nothing to help victims

Are they talking about Burma or New Orleans?

Does this headline sound familiar?




Change and hope cleared to land.

McCain and Hillary voted for Bush’s war. Obama did not. Nuff said.