want to see change? stop rewarding bad behavior


It’s so simple. When toddlers misbehave we punish them. Politicians and lawyers are toddlers. So are corporations. We have been spoiling them. Stop thinking of politicians, lawyers and corporations as evil and think of them instead as toddlers. We need to stop rewarding bad behavior.

I propose that we enact the following laws:

1. If your health insurance company denies a legitimate claim for fraudulent reasons they should pay a fine of not less than 10,000 dollars per infraction and up to 100,000 dollars.

this will stop most of the runaround that we all get from our HMO’s

2. If an entity overbills a client there will be a fine of not less than 100 dollars (for accidents) and up to 10,000 dollars (if intentional fraud).

When was the last time somebody made a mistake in your cable bill? cell phone bill? insurance bill? utility bill? ever notice how it is always more – not less! this law would stop the “oops, we overcharged you- so sorry.” problem. why not try to cheat us? it’s free money! plus there’s no downside. If we catch them- they still get the full amount owed. Let’s stop rewarding bad behavior!


3. If a frivolous lawsuit is dismissed the claimant’s lawyer should pay a fine of not less than 1000 dollars and up to 10,000 dollars per case.

This would free up at least 50% of tort cases pending now.

4. Politicians who run for elective office should sign a notarized statement of all promises made during the election when they are sworn in. Their word should mean something. If they deviate from each promise there should be a minimum fine of not less than 1000 dollars and up to 100,000 dollars.

This will make lying expensive.

just a few suggestions. I just think that as long as we reward bad behavior we can expect more of it.