vanishing middle class

overheard while waiting in line at Orange Street Food Farm today after my shift at work:

“today I had to get a third job to pay for the gas to get to my other 2 jobs.”


  1. Too real to be funny. But a right-on, succinct summary of today’s reality that is spreading outside the “Appalachia of the West,” as Missoula has been called. And, we’re still trying to hold oil executives’ feet to the fire, but doing little about conservation or alternative energy sources.

    — kathleen

  2. maybe it’s time to develop alternative energy sources like Jimmy Carter proposed.
    ya think!

  3. I believe that the problem with developing alternative energy is that there is no money in it. I’m not saying this because I agree, or that I believe it to be reasonable…but I do see energy as a battle between “old energy” and “new energy” monies.

    Old energy makes a whole lot of well-ingrained into the political scenery industries wealthy – oil and gas corporation, oil and gas drill makers, steel and iron, vehicle manufactures to truck the fuel to not only the pumps, but to the fields for operation, etc., etc., etc.

    With alternative energy, one the stuff is built, it doesn’t require the huge number of labor or the huge web of infrastructure that has to be moving all the time -wind energy, for example, need a power line – those need maintenance, sure, but not like trucks and drills and all that other infrastructure of “old energy”.

    That is no reason to delay a transition to “new energy” and the possibilities with new energy that lie elsewhere – the move to a technological based industry here in the US – is greatly strengthened by moving to “new energy”.

    It’s and old energy money v new energy money war.

  4. That’s awesome. Priceless summary of our times. Worthy of the history books. 🙂

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