Obama; hope for quiet heroes

a tired old woman who wanted a seat on a bus…

a single parent struggling to keep her house…

laid off mill workers who don’t know what they will do…

a young boy whose parents cannot afford surgery he desperately needs…

an elderly couple who cannot pay their utility bills…

a talented young woman who has to take a job at Wal Mart because she cannot afford college…

a young couple with a baby who lose their only car to payday loan sharks and lose their jobs…

a 32 year old master sgt stationed in Iraq on his third tour who struggles to keep up the morale of the men in his platoon. Alone in his bunk he prays that he can come home to his wife and two girls….

thank you Montana and America for giving them hope.

we did it, America. be proud, but humble, just like our new president.


now back to real writing and the need to rid this planet of evil pay-day loans preying on the poor.


  1. Yes, there is new hope in America… But now the real work begins. Let’s buckle down, chip in, and get to work.

  2. I am part of a group in Billings which is looking into ending payday lending, title loans, pawn brokers and such. I would be interested to talk to you more about this and see if we can work together.

  3. hi randy: sure would like some help. not really trying to close those businesses down though- just make it fairer for the consumer. Ohio, Oregon and Colorado all passed a similar law which sets the limit for interest at 36%. check out http://responsiblelending.org (click the link on my sidebar to check out some good info.
    our legislature tried to pass it in 2007 but their lobbyists shot it down with a republican on the committee so it died. We will try again and i will post something next week about it. great to see you are interested and if you know of a republican legislator who we could work with in the Billings area we will need him/her to introduce it or at least help sponsor it because our legislature is republican majority now. thanks randy and check back. i put you in my blogroll and will do the same as soon as i get more info.

  4. Feel free to e-mail me and I can let you know of a possible R who might be willing to help. I have talked to this person before and they were receptive to the regulation idea and they gave us some ideas on where to go but we have been waiting for the election to end before proceeding.

    I look forward to talking to you more about this.

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