one of the reasons I love my life

we were gonna get rich…

we were gonna sell Jack Daniels snowcones to the bikers at Sturgis…

we were gonna move to Yellowknife and strike out for the Mckenzie delta…

we were gonna find gold in Bolivia…

we were gonna mine sapphires and emeralds in equador…

we were gonna write a book like faulkner and make it into a movie like Raising Arizona…

we were gonna tell everyone how to live…

my ego and me.

life had other plans that worked out much better=

for me and everyone else.


  1. I’m holding on to that snow cone idea.
    Sounds like good retirement income.
    — l.m.m. in Missoula

  2. The snowcones sound good to me!

  3. sorry Dorey -LMM tells me she has dibs on the snowcone idea. we thought a catchy name for the business would be harley cones. How would a root beer schnapps snow cone sound to you?

  4. Great poem! Now I want to see the rest of the 500 reasons. 🙂

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