the economy- or, sunset at wonderland park

before Nike and Intel-

back when Tektronix was Oregon’s only target of ICBM’s from Russia

 and mom killed yellowjackets with Raid liberally sprayed

on our Royal Oak barbecued hamburgers,

 oscillators guided missiles beneath the plains of Montana

while bullies ran the playgrounds.


 now lightening has destroyed the oak tree where tramps gathered

and Utah philips can no longer help us understand.


pheasants and hoods disappeared

when the freeway cut through Fanno Creek

but the swings at wonderland park keep the blackberry bushes at bay

where working poor (once middle class)

gather to watch the sunset between rains.

we imagine the clouds of change backlit by a force

more potent than atomic.


should we learn to talk Russian or Chinese

in anticipation of invading armies?


  1. Mandarin.
    Ni-how : Hello
    Shien shien: Thank you

  2. Thanks, but how do you pronounce Ni-how and Shien shien?
    and what is chinese for “I would like to apply for a job?” when they come to
    collect from the US treasury on our loans I would like to be prepared.

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