big money talks

price of oil tonight record 140.05/barrel

price of gold 915.70/oz

everything else- on a train which came uncoupled and is rolling downhill without brakes. don’t believe me? just visit with Warren

and the dow? it’s going to 7500 by Christmas folks. you heard it here first. it’s going to be a real live depression. if you have any investments you better trade them in for a burro and a shovel and some grub to last you until you hit pay dirt. but if you are like me and you have no investments or money either then get a couple year’s supply of Jack Daniels, stock up on cigarettes (even if you don’t smoke you can trade them for favors later) and don’t forget the other commodities you’ll need: gunpowder, toilet paper, coffee, flour, sugar, etc oh yeah don’t forget the trip wire you will need to perimeter your house and the bouncing bettys for the intruders. a couple of dobermans would come in handy too.

as for me, i only have enough money from my last paycheck to get a half year’s supply of jack daniels (it won’t cost much because i don’t drink much anymore) tonight i think i’ll go out on the porch and let the warm night breeze waft me to sleep. i won’t need any guns because younger families are welcome to take whatever they can use to survive. i am over the hill biologically and really quite irrelevant to the next phase of human existence which means i don’t need to worry about it much.

but if you’ve got kids to raise i would listen to the oracle of Omaha if i were you.

Oh Yeah, I almost forgot. what will George Bush say to the Taliban when our economy is destroyed—-“mission accomplished.”  heckuva Job George.



  1. Okay, I can see your point. But I’m from a small town and family that has been in a depression for the last 50 years. To me, the depression is olddd news. I mean, comon people, you mean you didn’t see this happening already? All the little towns and rusty cities of the past half-decade. The big cities and the world just have a bit of catch up to do. And being young and impatient as hell, I’m not willing to wait until they catch up. Already focused on the next horizon..whatever that might be.

  2. i can see the passion in your comment. you feel strongly about what your family has gone through. in montana things are delayed because so many people moved here with money. plus missoula is a college town. we went through the downturn in the logging industry here a long time ago. the rust belt in the midwest has been hit the hardest much earlier of course. continue to focus on your dreams because when one door closes another door opens. i think there is a carl sandberg poem about this. i will try to find it. keep safe.

  3. ha, I guess I didn’t realize I was being passionate. But in fact that very discussion of a year’s supply of jack daniels was something I heard often growing up…and it didn’t seem to get anyone anywhere.

    There is a quote from Frank Herbert’s Dune–The mind can go either way under stress, it can turn off or it can become hyper-aware. I guess I believe that societies do the same thing. In times of economic distress, people either head for the hills and the more dogmatic religions, or they invent a way out the the mess. One of my biggest fears is that our society will turn “off” with the current distresses…and my biggest hope is that it will do the reverse 🙂

  4. which reminds me …..

    “the mind is it’s own place,
    and in itself,
    can make a heaven of hell,
    and a hell of heaven.

    -John Milton, 1677

  5. I’m just going to manufacture my own Biodiesel and then I can either sell it or trade it for favors rather than cigarettes and whiskey, the whiskey I’ll hoard and use only for myself. Mineminemineminemineminemine. If you want to learn how to make your own Biodiesel too, here is the handy-dandy link with FREE instructions. Yep, you heard it here folks, FREE BIODIESEL!
    Now more and more auto manufacturers are creating diesel counterparts to their more popular gasoline siblings, you can even buy the ever popular and efficient VW Beetle in a diesel option now. 🙂 Yay VW! Leave it to the Germans to be on the forefront of auto-technology once again. Farfegnugen!

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