they don’t do what???

the manager of the missoula county animal shelter told me that Animeals turns away low income people who need food for their pets. when i called Animeals today to confirm this i was told that they discourage people who are low income from coming to Animeals for pet food. Quote; “We are phasing out the low income program.” when i politely asked what programs they are supporting the receptionist told me that they deliver food to shelters and animal rescue agencies.

I called a few of the agencies. the result-first the missoula animal shelter manager told me that they receive no food from Animeals, so I called the humane society. they told me that Animeals does not give them any food either. so, just wondering??? who is animeals helping??? apparently not low income poor people with pets and apparently none of the local animal shelters. just wondering. seems weird.

their website says their mission is to feed hungry animals. if poor people with hungry animals are being discouraged by staff members from going to Animeals for food for their pets what is their purpose???

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