wealthiest 1% of americans pull no show!

 to my complete and utter astonishment, not one member of the 6 million and over club has answered our call to volunteer to help the US pay off the National Debt!

no doubt it is a busy summer what with jetting to Europe and all those debutante balls to plan. it is probably too much to ask multimillionaires to part with 12% of their net assets just to save the nation that gives them the tax deductions to get richer and richer. i got one pingback from warren buffet’s site though, so nothing ventured…..

and here i thought the wealthy 1% loved the good old USA more than their money. silly old bear.

guess it’s up to what’s left of the vanishing middle class to keep paying and paying while the wealthy get more tax relief and the national debt gets bigger and bigger. I wonder if Russia will take ALaska back when we declare bankruptcy?

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