little black bear visits his home

blackberries will be ripe, Jack salmon will be running, sea run cutthroats will be out. it is hard to beat the oregon coast in august. we will be staying at Raines Resort on the Nestucca river. now, before you get visions of golf courses and four star rooms with that modifier “Resort”, i will attempt to describe this very old (built in the twenties) string of quaint fishing cabins along the Nestucca River just minutes away from Pacific City Oregon. Raines is oregon the way it used to be; no internet, no phone, no credit cards- cash or check. with a fishing dock in the back of the cabins providing direct access to tidewater on the Nestucca. the rooms are very fifties chic with comfortable kitchens well appointed for the fisherperson who wants to cook what he/she catches. the back windows look out on the river and Cape kiwanda is visible in the distance when the early morning fog burns off.

 this photo is taken on the boat ramp next to the cabins at Raine’s Resort.

it is fun to sit out on the deck of the cabins and watch the antics of the anglers launching and pulling in their boats.

when the human commotion dies down you can watch river otters cavort.

but the real purpose for the trip is to spread Kay’s ashes and that is when the kid’s come in-they will be flying kites and making sand castles and wading through the surf just like Kay would have done.

the adults will be sipping beer and watching the dory fleet come in- but be sure to not get in their way- they really come in fast!

too much fun! and that’s what Kay was all about- too much fun!

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  1. Find some peace, problembear. How terribly sad – so beautiful an angel!

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