please tina, let me write your skit on saturday night live about sarah palin- please???


         please, please, please……

and i was wondering if steve martin could play mcCain sort of as the character in “The Jerk” and you could be dressed up as sarah palin in that biker chick’s outfit and you could sort of dominate him…can i write it huh, please…..






anything is possible in america- anything.

WOW! jiminy cricket was right …makes no difference who you are

and let’s all take a moment to appreciate what change can mean for america.

no more this guy

or his friends

now it’s time to go out and work for it like this little fella. winter would be hard on Pikas if they didn’t make hay while the sun shines. we have exactly 68 days to make hay. let’s do it.

you want to see heroes??? i’ll show you heroes!

thanks to Willa Dean and Gene Donaldson for rescueing tons and tons of food for the Missoula Food Bank. their hard work fed thousands over the years. this is what being a hero is really all about- selfless volunteerism to help those less fortunate than ourselves. thanks Gene and Willadean for being such great heroes and such fine human beings.

Just how thick or rich do you have to be to not know how many houses you own???

just one day after telling the press that 5 million is about right for the middle class this clueless fool cannot answer a reporter’s simple question “how many houses do you and your wife own?”

let’s just make sure that McCain never lives in this one.

just like Bush, McCain has no clue how the majority of americans survive. surrounded by rich friends and living in mansions too numerous to keep track of, he just keeps on making stupid statements that expose him to be a rich elite member of the big oil aristocracy bent on keeping us at war with huge tax breaks for his rich friends. i am embarrassed that the election is as close as it is. don’t people realize when they are being lied to anymore???

if deer run free why not dachschunds???

awhile back, intelligent discontent blogged about the city of Helena needing to do something about deer moving into downtown neighborhoods and making a nuisance of themselves. well, I have noticed a marked increase in deer numbers right in the heart of downtown Missoula this summer. I remember many years ago when Missoulians did not exactly always follow the laws about fencing their dogs or obey leash laws quite as obediently as they do now. Seems like the past ten years or so, we have done a pretty good job of locking up the dogs and the deer in Missoula have become pretty bold. of course, wherever there are deer- the cougars will not be far behind. seems like these gentlemen pictured above know a thing or two about dogs who can find and chase down deer. they use a breed called wire-haired dachschunds?

can trained wire-haired dachschunds clean up our deer problem???

maybe we should all just let our dogs out every sunday night for awhile while the traffic is light?

it just seems like using game wardens to solve this might not be as effective.

chipmunks move downtown

i have been seeing chipmunks all over mid-town missoula this summer. what’s the deal? are they moving back into town to avoid the commute?  i had always heard that they were originally driven out of most urban areas of the west by the larger more aggressive eastern red squirrels, who thrive in epic proportions around here. are the two species living in harmony now?  by the way, my wildlife biology friends tell me they are not true chipmunks unless it is above 7000 feet elevation. these little guys are really called golden mantled ground squirrels- but we call them chipmunks anyway.

reflections on the common house sparrow

i like to call them the bickersons because they gather in such a raucous convergence of individual mania in the morning. the noise and tumult of their gathering occasionally summons a sparrow hawk from the nearby mountains in search of a snack but usually only taunts the neighbor’s cats to stalk nearby.


“I once had a sparrow alight upon my shoulder for a moment, while I was hoeing in a village garden, and I felt that I was more distinguished by that circumstance than I should have been by any epaulet I could have worn.” -Henry David Thoreau

A bird does not sing because it has an answer. It sings because it has a song.

Chinese proverb