if deer run free why not dachschunds???

awhile back, intelligent discontent blogged about the city of Helena needing to do something about deer moving into downtown neighborhoods and making a nuisance of themselves. well, I have noticed a marked increase in deer numbers right in the heart of downtown Missoula this summer. I remember many years ago when Missoulians did not exactly always follow the laws about fencing their dogs or obey leash laws quite as obediently as they do now. Seems like the past ten years or so, we have done a pretty good job of locking up the dogs and the deer in Missoula have become pretty bold. of course, wherever there are deer- the cougars will not be far behind. seems like these gentlemen pictured above know a thing or two about dogs who can find and chase down deer. they use a breed called wire-haired dachschunds?

can trained wire-haired dachschunds clean up our deer problem???

maybe we should all just let our dogs out every sunday night for awhile while the traffic is light?

it just seems like using game wardens to solve this might not be as effective.

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