Just how thick or rich do you have to be to not know how many houses you own???

just one day after telling the press that 5 million is about right for the middle class this clueless fool cannot answer a reporter’s simple question “how many houses do you and your wife own?”

let’s just make sure that McCain never lives in this one.

just like Bush, McCain has no clue how the majority of americans survive. surrounded by rich friends and living in mansions too numerous to keep track of, he just keeps on making stupid statements that expose him to be a rich elite member of the big oil aristocracy bent on keeping us at war with huge tax breaks for his rich friends. i am embarrassed that the election is as close as it is. don’t people realize when they are being lied to anymore???

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  1. No, because they want to believe the lies. They want to believe that W and McCain are just like “me,” average Joe (only a lot richer). They were willing to overlook W’s lack of polish because “he’s the kinda guy you’d like to have a beer with.” And they’ll do it again with Mc”More of the Same” because Americans think being rich is the “American Dream” and they’re willing to bend over and take it up the arse one more time if it means protecting their claim to the Dream… even though most Americans will never achieve it and the Republicans selling their version of the Dream are not interested in promoting anyone else.

    I was taught to help my fellow man, not beat him down. Where’s the love?

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