republicans still don’t get it. we want government to stop raiding the treasury to feed these guys.

i hate to insult my cousins but these guys remind me of watching the republican convention. if you have spent any time at all around pigs you know that they can be quite intelligent and very forceful. they excel at getting what they want and if you are in need of a meal and further from the trough than they are they will not make room for you. they will crowd you out in order to get more for themselves.

the republicans are fond of telling us to go out and work hard and you too can be rich like they are. the problem is the republicans have been so successful at crowding the rest of us out because Bushco and affiliates have been busy for 8 years making laws and installing corrupt cronies into positions of power that only help to make sure that the wealth and the tax breaks go to the rich.

they have been so successful that the top 5% of americans now own 85% of the total personal wealth in the united states. when clinton was president the top 5% of americans owned 55% of the wealth. it is fine to talk about a free marketplace but quite another when dollars are stolen from our pockets by their government cronies and politicians to further stuff their wallets and yacht safes. the corrupt practices of the bush administration and the wealthy pigs who support it have shoved 95% of americans to the rear of the dining hall while they gorge themselves. the question for america is do you like eating @#$% or do you want a fair shot at the american dream?

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