a friend’s three year old boy mispronounced politics as plototics today……out of the mouths of babes.


Kim Williams on Politics; from her Book Of Uncommon Sense:

from the chapter entitled: The People Have To Do It-

“Nobody is going to do it but us.

You can’t wait for the government,

the system, our leaders.

It comes down to very ordinary people-

you and me.”- Kim Williams

a note of humility

blogging is to real writing

as foam is to beer.


the road to hell

poem by charles bukowski from The Flash of Lightening Behind the Mountain

the road to hell

if only there were more magic people

to help us get through

this strange life.


surpisingly there are a few.


the problem being that often

their magic doesn’t hold up

for long


because they begin to

think it’s because

they are special


when really

it’s almost an off-hand thing

like some damned crazy unearned



and when the magic people

begin to misuse their


begin to use it

in the wrong ways






that’s a



and it’s one of the most

unalterable laws

of the gods and the



and there is

nothing sadder

or more


than the once-gifted ones

still trying to work their


for the



which never offers,

but only




-Charles Bukowski


meanwhile….back at the ranch

don’t worry- W and his crack team are on it. while henry paulson continues to try to prime the pump into operating again with our trillion, W is going to fix everything on Nov 15 by hosting a world leader summit in Washington. Maybe the europeans will have another idea that George and Henry can copy.

of course, by then most of us will be unemployed and too broke to care anymore. it just makes us all feel better to see that W is on the job. are you sure we can’t just hire colin powell to take over as a temp for a few months until Obama can get his bearings? and i’m pretty sure warren buffet can spare a few months to take over for henry at treasury- not that we’re losing confidence or anything….wait just a goldanged minute there, did i just hear the freight cars filled with nitroglycerin come uncoupled from the engine of our economy…and it it’s rolling downhill toward a sewer septic plant. uh oh this could be bad….meanwhile back at the ranch in sedona a seance is being held to summon the gipper from his tennis match with gorbachav in hell, but the devil won’t take a collect call and poor pretty palin is running out of clothes.

GOP and McCain come unravelled

you can stick a fork in the GOP and McCain/Palin now. they are definitely done. when you combine Colin Powell’s endorsement along with Warren Buffet’s that is what is called running the table on the two greatest minds to tackle our two biggest problems- war and economy.

It just appeared? Really?

It just appeared? Really?

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it’s official- john mccain is crazier than a rabid chipmunk in a rainstorm…

and for the love of god – will  someone please have the decency to fill out a prescription for some lithium for this guy before he embarrasses himself in public again!  and those eyes of his. is it my imagination or does he blink like the bug that will smith chased down in the original Men In Black?