montana voters lashing back at GOP dirty tricks

note to GOP operatives:

can you hear it – that dull sound of thunder approaching. that is anger you are hearing- the anger of montana voters. it is growing in intensity and getting closer. you have awakened a sleeping giant of outrage because Montanans still have a deep seated sense of fair play. democrats, independents, libertarians and yes, even many fair-minded republicans are angry. it is high noon and Jimmy Stewart is taking his apron off to face you. that dull roar you hear in the distance is the crowd come to cheer him on…

maybe you got away with intimidating voters in Florida and Ohio but it won’t work in Montana. Why? because this here’s Montana. we don’t back down from anybody. the stuff you are pulling is sheer cowardice. you are afraid of free and fair elections. challenging  voters in Montana is creating serious blow-back that will most likely erode every republican candidate’s lead in this state. you bastards really blew it this time. i dare any of you right wing bloggers to come out and show yourselves. let’s see you try to defend this vile contemptible tactic being conducted by leaders of your party. i am ready to listen….unless you are too ashamed to even answer my challenge. i am waiting….


  1. Shucks, ya don’t think them Montana Repubs are taking orders from Warshington, do ya?

  2. assignment montana. 60 minutes is on it.

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