time for Montana Wilderness Bill 2009



with a demo- controlled congress and a democrat president, it might be possible to pass a visionary Montana Wilderness Bill that puts Montana front and center for protection of our wildlife and clean watersheds. We just need Gov Schweitzer, Senator Baucus and Senator Tester to sign on to giving future generations of Montanans the legacy they deserve.

it has been 25 years since Montana last protected any Wilderness.   development on the remaining last unroaded wild lands in montana remain a threat unless we act now. this is the time for vision if we want to keep Montana Montana.

a very good thanksgiving poem




happy thanksgiving everyone. here.

one idea for affordable housing in montana


Yurt by Moonlight

mongolian yurt 16 X 16. the new american dream home.

“oh no, it’s coming right for us…”


is this a bad episode of South Park or can Jimbo and Ned actually be right? a real depression does seem to be descending on us. unemployment is growing daily. GM is facing bankruptcy. the bail-out does not appear to be working. what should we do about it to prepare for survival? stockpile toilet paper? whiskey? canned food? gather scattered family members into tribal communal living to share the daily gathering of needs….or do we do anything at all? right wingers and gun nuts will want to check out this site for tips on surviving the coming economic collapse. greenies will want to check this out. as for me…i can’t decide between taking all the remaining cash to Las Vegas and gambling it all on roulette after taking in a show of louie anderson at the excalibur and asking him to remind me about his plan to die slumped over the wheel with a cheeseburger and a milk shake…..or taking to the hills and panning for gold….either way, have fun kids.

time for change- payday loans


Arizona and Ohio voters resoundingly defeat payday lenders. tide is turning accross the nation as the american public becomes aware of the diabolical greed and the huge cost of these loans that is destroying families caught in the pay day lending trap.


payday loans prey on the most vulnerable during economic difficulties and it is time for Montana to pass legislation regulating these businesses. from seniors to newlyweds, anyone with a checking account and a job or social security benefits can walk into these places and get up to 300.00 instantly. all they have to do is postdate a check for their next payday and make it out for 375.00. easy money right? it is, but anything that easy has to carry a big stinger. what happens if your upcoming paycheck in two weeks is too small to cover the check you wrote? you have two choices. let the check bounce, in which case the lender can and will prosecute you for writing a bad check and you will go to jail or at the very least pay a lot of fines and attorney fees or, you can pay the 75.00 interest each month and have them “rollover” the loan again and again.  the typical payday loan consumer does this rollover 10 months or more. thus paying $1500.00 for the original loan of $300.00. that same $300.00 loan if not paid within the year would cost you $1950.00- this is an interest rate of 650%!!!

what is the difference between payday loans and vehicle title loans or pawn shops? the difference is with a pawn shop or vehicle title loan you risk losing an asset like a rifle or diamond ring or a vehicle if you do not pay. this is fairly well understood and while pawning items and losing title to a vehicle can be painful, at least the loan is resolved and does not go on into perpetuity like a payday loan which traps the consumer every two weeks into insane interest rates. that is the insidious nature of this business, it traps the consumer in an endless cycle of debt that many people can never escape.

there are groups accross montana interested in introducing legislation in the next montana state legislative session which convenes on Jan 5, 2009 (less than two months away) there is already a group in billings working on it and they have already begun to garner support from both parties on this important issue of curbing payday lenders and regulating this business so that the terms are  more fair for the consumer.

43 states accross america have already passed legislation to regulate this industry. Oregon, Ohio, and Colorado have managed to do this with both republican and democratic support. Montana should pass similar legislation and with strong leadership from both parties this session it can be done. these groups need our support and they need people willing to testify about their personal ordeals with payday lenders or about ordeals that friends and family members may have had. since this is early in the process i would like to invite anyone who has any dealings with payday loan lenders to share with us your story on this blog. you don’t have to give us your name and we will not ever divulge identities to anyone. but, we need your stories about payday lending and would invite you to share them with us.

hopefully, we can limit the interest to 36% per year as most states have and make the payments one month out instead of two weeks out to give people more time to pay. together, we can accomplish much to achieve change in America. payday businesses should not be allowed to prey on our fellow financially vulnerable Montanans without some regulation and consumer protections to guide them. please join in this small but important change. with the worsening economic climate many more Montanans will fall prey to payday lenders if we do not act this winter. call your local legislators and let them know how you feel about this issue. together we can make a difference one change at a time.

govt printing office expects to save millions under obama administration


they won’t have to hire comic book illustrators anymore for the daily presidential security briefings. they can now print out full text version.

and if letterman uses this joke, i better get mentioned, dammit.



  don’t let the door hit you on the ass on your way out,  “W” and take Dick with you. you didn’t get the message in ’06, but you’re getting it now! This is your notice of eviction. you’ve been served by the American people.

full-on depression or deep recession?

john mccain could not care less what you call it. it won’t effect him either way.

john mccain doesn’t like it when people talk about the economy. he would rather call american voters socialists when they say that they support Obama. but, john mccain doesn’t have to worry much about the economy because win or lose, he and his wealthy wife have 8 houses and 50 million dollars of assets to fall back on. but of course, john and cindy mccain would not want to pay an additional 4% tax on their earnings since they always make well over 250,000.00 dollars per year.

together john and cindy mccain made over 6.5 million in 2007. the average american makes less than 34 thousand per year and takes home about two thousand per month. when you take the top 5% of the richest americans out of the equation, the average salary drops to 26 thousand per month with take home pay of about one thousand four hundred per month or 700.00 every two weeks. that equates to about 12.00/hour.

john and cindy mccain make about 541,000.00 per month, which would equate to about 1591.00 per hour each.

to put things in perspective, that twice monthly 700.00 paycheck you rely on for you and your family’s survival for two weeks would keep john and cindy mccain within their lifestyle for approximately 1/2 hour. of course, john and cindy mccain and their wealthy friends don’t want Obama to win. they don’t want to pay 4% more in federal taxes. how could they possibly afford it?

thanks to right wing republicans and john mccain for setting me straight

i wasn’t aware that supporting a candidate who wants tax fairness for 95% of americans and tax increases for the other 5% who make over 250.000.00 per year would make me a socialist. so that must mean that since i actually believe in government of the people, by the people and for the people that must make me a socialist too? someone should have told Abe Lincoln that the government is really for the rich and friends of john mccain’s right wing beliefs.