time for Montana Wilderness Bill 2009



with a demo- controlled congress and a democrat president, it might be possible to pass a visionary Montana Wilderness Bill that puts Montana front and center for protection of our wildlife and clean watersheds. We just need Gov Schweitzer, Senator Baucus and Senator Tester to sign on to giving future generations of Montanans the legacy they deserve.

it has been 25 years since Montana last protected any Wilderness.   development on the remaining last unroaded wild lands in montana remain a threat unless we act now. this is the time for vision if we want to keep Montana Montana.


  1. Yikes. Seeing that map makes me feel all… nostalgic. Gotta get that red just so…

  2. Gotta get Rep. Rehberg on board, too.
    — Ruthlmm

  3. rehberg will certainly be extended an invitation for input, but given the makeup of the congress and democrat administration it would only be a courtesy and he cannot stop a house bill. he could however make trouble in mark-up with the senate especially after news that Chambliss won in georgia today. this would take some doing with or without rehberg but it could still be done. of course, rehberg’s signing on would be preferable but it would be very doubtful due to the extreme stance he has shown regarding environmental matters of all kind in the past- remember. he was an aide to Ron marlenee- the ultimate arch enemy of any protection for montana’s land, water or wildlife.

  4. problembear,

    You go bear! Love this map, except it’s too easy to see where the bears are. Rehberg will scream his head off, but he won’t be our toughest challenge. It takes 218 votes in the House, and Speaker Pelosi has always been very supportive. It’s time to push this bill all the way to the President’s desk.

  5. […] wilderness thoughts come every spring even though i visit less and less these days into that wild part of the world where i feel safest and most myself. it is interesting to feel those stirrings of passionate beliefs come welling out of me like a force fed spring from a snowfield in july. a post by Bill Schneider over at New West a few weeks ago triggered old feelings about those old wilderness battles with a vengeance. i became predictably problemish in the discussion and the entire discussion between commenters leaves me wondering where does montana go from here. […]

  6. If this bill passes the people of Montana who cannot afford to buy beef and depend on hunting will ultimately suffer. It will make life more difficult for those people because all of the roads will be inaccessible and they will not be able to reach their hunted game. I believe this will affect the heritage of those of us who do still hunt to earn our food.
    In all actuality, this bill is pointless. There is very little traffic in these areas during the summer months and after hunting season. There is no reason that the roads have to be closed they have been there for as long as the area has been populated.

  7. -What is wrong with our government? Why can’t they fix some of the real problems and leave our state alone? We don”t need the washington wacko’s to to take our land just so they can, maybe sometime in their future , come see the wild creatures cavoting around. We removed the woves at one time for a reason and we now have no native Americans hunting for food. Leave us alone in Montana.


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