ralph the logger…


ralph the logger and i met while fishing the blackfoot river one sunny march day many years ago. had to haul him out of Harold’s Club many nights after he had imbibed because he was bothering the regulars and trying to pick up women who were attached to men who did not approve.

when he wasn’t logging, he stayed in a trailer out back and drew cartoons. he was constantly borrowing my Larson books. loved the caveman named thag and began to call himself thag in the third person; thag like this. thag not like that…ralph was good company but not much on rent paying responsibility so we had to part ways…

last i heard his car drove into a tree one late night near the Bull River Bar and he lost the use of his legs with a spinal cord injury over 15 years ago. i sometimes wonder if he still draws cartoons or calls himself thag. if anyone knows where he is i still have the jacket his veteran sister sent to him from korea in my attic…

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  1. so love your writing problembear

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