truck stop frustration



some lady cleaning behind the hot stuff pizza counter

calls her friend over to talk about the snow and the truckers

who walk through talking through their blue-tooth headsets

about the weather and the snow on the passes especially through


while somebody dropped a hot dog and the clean-up kid came by

grumbling with the mop bucket smearing mustard stains accross

the tile floor now wet shiny in the flourescent glare.


it could have been lack of sleep or too much jangled nerve coffee

tired from watching the mirrors as the frozen slush builds up on the

undercarriage causing a ticket for overweight and another fine

eating into low pay miles on a wal-mart diet


or maybe home life is no longer so desirable now that the economy

has soured and payments shared by two are now carried by one

with obama on the radio giving a press conference calling for patience

and the last rest stop was too short but if you are going to make the

mortgage you need to do 800 miles today and fudge the log book

hoping the drummond station is closed and you only have to deal with

whitehall before you reach billings going through your head as

the clerk takes your money and you lock eyes with another trucker

sitting at a table in front of arby’s sipping coffee and writing something in

a small notebook

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