Dairy Creek



This is where the old man came in handy…
We liked to fish – he liked to drive his brand new cars and he liked to watch us fish.
So every Sunday he would drive over to that family he lost in the divorce
and he would pick us boys up in that brand new Chevy Impala
and he would drive us out to Dairy Creek.
We would pull our poles and creels and fish tackle out of the trunk
and we would run down to the creek and go fish.

The old man would pull out his easel and his oil paints and his charcoal pencils
and he would sit down on a stump somewhere and light a cigarette
and pull the tab off a cold can of Oly.
and he would watch us wander off into that cool dark green tunnel swirling through alder
and berry bushes and ferns and he would look at something we could not see
and he would try to draw something which we never saw
and now that I am older than he was then, I can see that we will never see what he saw
When he watched us fish on Dairy Creek.

health care shell game…


private health care insurance companies love to play the shell game. round and round she goes, where she stops nobody knows…..except the insurance companies. they know where the pea is and you don’t. and they hire lots of lawyers to make sure you never find out. still think you are covered? are you sure?

better check this out before you trust private health insurance providers with your life….

making movies


the camera is over there

you know exactly where it is

first rule: ignore it

second rule: there are no other real rules except this:

listen to the director.

that’s you.

the lighting is not right

and the set designer does not feel something

so we all have to wait around and do nothing.

that’s life in the movies kid. Look busy but don’t busy yourself.

I don’t care what you do but try not to think while you’re doing it.

You never know when that lens will be ready; for that reason,

It’s very important to try to stay in character.

With me so far? good. now let’s try an exercise while we’re waiting

for something to happen

Throw an ice cube down on the floor

and try to pick it up with your bare feet

Steve McQueen did this on the set once….

(I forget the name of the movie)

to pass the time.

Only one other actor could do it

she was a complete failure as a human being

in real life

But she lived beautifully in film.

I can’t tell you who she was. trade secret.

We do a lot of waiting around here

for the right moment

so just wait.

that is the hardest part about making movies.


and now we study another lnteresting lifeform- the leech!


because they are so cute!

montana republican lawmaker’s dream of slaughtering horses dims..




republican rep. “slim pickens” Butcher consults with speaker “that’s hedley” Bergren about governor “black bart” schweitzer’s threat to veto their ill fated horse slaughter bill in the montana legislature. poor babies.


and most montanans really don’t care much for the smell…..

i’m so tired….

thank god somebody has some common sense in this country


because it is about time somebody put the brakes on payday lenders and vehicle title lenders in this country. President Obama promised he would fix this and we who work among the poor in trying to lessen their suffering sure wish somebody would. our most vulnerable citizens – the marginally poor workers and the underpaid workers in america are being preyed upon and their hope is being devoured by the interest rates these demonic businesses charge. imagine paying 25.00 for a 100 dollar loan for two weeks! that is the allowable charge under montana state law (a whopping 650% interest rate!)

the pathetic legislature in montana failed to muster enough moral gumption to pass a law protecting our most vulnerable citizens during the current legislative session from these slime devils but fortunately Senator Durbin of Illinois has introduced S 500 in the US senate which should alleviate this scourge from our midst.

rest assured i will be tracking the progress of S 500 as it wends its way through congress. let’s all hope this ends the enslavement of our most vulnerable workers in america and soon!

another fine group working on this is called work forward. it looks like a decent organization with doable goals. give it a look.