drilling and blasting


It is exhausting work- this setting the template upon the earth,

drawn in a diamond array to explode rock loose for traction.

Stones so loose the foreman can proudly say that you need only back softly

up to the hillside and scoop it with your hands.

The dirt trails off in the wind and the diamond bit of the drill head

barely scarred brings up temptations

that the overburden once held safely beneath and stored up recriminations

buried alive but  now free.


Nothing hauled to the end user is ever given freely. Payment is expected.


Imposing will upon matter leaves farmers poorer in the pocket and miners

rich but both thirst for the same immortality that eludes those forgotten

two weeks after they die unless their names are Jesus Christ or Shakespeare.

But who has time for immortality anyway?

1 Comment

  1. Thanks for grounding me.
    Thanks for the perspective.
    — Ruthlmm

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