to all wall street executives eligible for a bonus during this recession: pure hell adventures #293





Nearly all of the corporate executives who attended our survival course are accounted for. And thanks to satellite transmitters which remained attached, we have located most of the cadavers.

Unfortunately for the rest of the contestants, it appears that bears and cougars have eviscerated and scattered the remains, thus making identification and location difficult to pinpoint. We regret the inconvenience.

However, our attorneys wish to state that legally and duly notarized release forms signed by the participants render us exempt from culpability and immune from litigation.

 If and when any are found, successful survivors will be regaled and properly decorated in the winner’s circle,

In the meantime, we will roast a pig in the fire pit created by the rescue helicopter’s unfortunate crash landing.

Liquor will be served.

Dress is optional.



-Charles Amarack



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