problembear’s tweets

  • 18:35 say hello to future health care plans… #
  • 18:37 corporate wellness plans; big brother is your boss… #
  • 18:54 corporate wellness programs. carrots or sticks? #
  • 09:53 anything less than a public option that is universally available to everyone is unacceptable. better to defeat #hcr without it. #
  • 09:55 universally available public option would inevitably lead to single payer – which of course, is the only sane course of action for america. #
  • 10:18 will go as myself on halloween this year. last year everyone saw my tail so the chef costume was a complete failure….. #
  • 10:20 did momentarily gain me access to the bakery pantry and the walk-in however but tranquilizing dart made my brief reverie short-lived #
  • 10:23 i already know where the wild things are…..looking for where the gullible ones are now… #

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