a tale of two coaches….

Oregon’s coach chip kelly…………..


“I think of Coach Kelly as a totally different person now,” Seminary said, according to the Web site. “I have a different bond with him now. … Let’s just say he lost every game as an Oregon coach. You would never hear me calling for his head. It just wouldn’t happen. The guy showed an incredible amount of class.”

when one of chip’s most talented players assaulted a player from another team without provocation, coach kelly did not make excuses, or attempt to cover it up or shirk from his responsibility as a coach to teach his players that there are consequences for their actions. coach kelly kicked the player off the team.

his success on the field (they beat ucla last week) speaks for itself and currently oregon is 13th in the country according to the latest polls. but coach kelly believes in hard work and integrity. he demands the respect of his players for the game and for personal work ethic and integrity.

now don’t you wish we could say the same for UM Grizzlies?.…..the team keeps winning on the field, but it is losing ground daily as it’s coach seems to be hell-bent on embarrassing this school and this state in every way possible. i have to ask. is winning worth the shame of employing a man who acts like this?

i wasn’t aware that arrogance and losing one’s temper were laudible goals. coach don read actually won a national championship (something bobby hauck has failed to do yet) and don did it with self-respect, humility, and admirable integrity. why do we have to settle for someone this shameful to represent our state’s premier football program?


i sure hope the grizzlies keep on winning all the way to chattanooga and win the national championship so some desperate school will make this clown an offer and we can get rid of him, once and for all.


  1. there was provocation

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