max baucus and his insurance lobby cannot be trusted


it is time to stop all the infighting and close ranks on this if we want to see meaningful health care reform passed in america within our lifetimes….

first, everyone needs to twitter the white house and lobby for universal public option being made available to everyone right this instant. Senate majority Harry Reid needs our help immediately in convincing Obama’s recalcitrant and overly conservative staff members Rahm emanual and Jim Messina that the majority of americans do not like their private health insurers and tell them that we want the option of choosing a public plan for everyone.

we need to remind president obama that that snake in the grass max baucus cannot be trusted. he has too many ex-aides in the health insurance lobby industry and max has taken too many contributions from the health insurance industry to be trusted when it comes to our health care. his opinion and the opinions of his ex-aides  (including Jim messina) need to be discarded if the president wants to win reelection in 2012.

the health insurers and max baucus are laying a trap which will place obama in a very unflattering light for the next election cycle, and so far, the president’s aides are allowing obama to fall into it.

the majority of the voters in this country demand universal public option for everyone. anything less is just digging your own graves politically for 2012.

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