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  • 18:27 souerkraut pie? none for me #
  • 18:29 go get em joe. you have my full permission to filibuster this p.o.s. health care reform into oblivion. we want single payer in 2012. #hcr #
  • 20:09 apparently public option isn’t about what the majority of the public wants…it’s more about what the health insurance industry wants. #hcr #
  • 20:12 the fact that health care insurers are raising rates while we debate #hcr tells us how confidant they are that this version of #PO sucks. #
  • 22:21 joe lieberman- you might as well go ahead and filibuster #hcr with the worthless #PO that is coming out in this bill. single payer in 2012! #

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