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  • 19:40 give us #hcr that is real and you have all the momentum in the world…but this p.o.s. deserves to roll backward off a sheer cliff. #
  • 19:43 …..and before it falls off the cliff, be sure and stuff all the american catholic bishops in the trunk for me will ya?…. #hcr #
  • 19:45 forget the lousy #hcr effort, bring the troops back home from iraq and afghanistan for christmas instead. #peace #
  • 19:51 i would trade your lousy #hcr effort for the ability to sue the hmo’s instead. repeal the erisa act instead. single payer is next! #
  • 19:57 bears who stare at the failure of democratic senators. #hcr #
  • 20:05 someone asked me if i still support the current #hcr bill. that’s like asking me if i still like the angels to take the series. um…no. #
  • 20:08 if this #hcr bill is the only thing on the menu…."check please!" i would prefer to wait until single payer is the main course entree. #
  • 20:38 sarah palin is a classic example of a mediocre incompetent who developed the skills of making excuses and blaming others to survive. #
  • 20:55 @johnboehner obama should say "i’m not in the habit of explaining myself and i’m not about to start with the likes of you." #whoelectedupres #

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