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  • 17:47 this bear congratulates indian nation and eloise cobell for their tenacity and courage #
  • 19:20 that’s it, @americablog…that’s the last time i link from my blackberry. you’ve wasted enough of my time. too slow.get a an i.t. on it. #
  • 19:26 an as for you corrupt blue dogs who ruled out single payer last summer and just betrayed us re: public option…we will remember this. #
  • 22:18 #hcr the republicans have bluffed the democrats down to their underwear now….guess holding four aces just won’t cut it anymore… #
  • 22:22 oh that explains it- democrats discarded the four aces and held onto a nine high hand…they thought it was low ball. #hcr facepalm fail #
  • 22:41’s the bone they toss us to keep us from rioting over turning their backs on 70% who want public option #
  • 22:45 #hcr fail this promised feast has been watered down to a thin gruel indeed… #
  • 22:50 #hcr what’s really amazing? they aren’t finished watering this thing down. blue dogs trying to weaken the new medicaire buy in -unbelievable #
  • 23:25 @JameeGreer or just plain mad as hell…. #

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