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  • 20:28 #hcr kill it. this bill is dead. baucus sat on it too long and the health insurers have taken over now. obama needs to just kill it now… #
  • 20:39 i am going with my gut on this one because i am tired of the obfuscation and the overcomplcated arguments- this bill has died people #hcr #
  • 20:40 i am not going to blame anyone in particular. the system is too corrupt. health insurers have won for now. but their day will come… #hcr #
  • 20:42 after this bill fails the american public shall eventually wrest control of our government from the grasp of the greedy insurers #hcr #
  • 20:45 rage fomented at each kitchen table after higher premiums become too costly to afford will force single-payer and kill hmo’s for good #hcr #
  • 20:52 mr prez – kill the #hcr bill and focus congress on jobs. we’ll kill the s.o.b. health insurance industry with single payer in 2012. #
  • 20:55 single payer #hcr in 2012. this time we take no prisoners and do not listen to compromise or lies. the people shall speak for the people. #
  • 21:39 mr pres; kill this failed #hcr bill. blame the republicans and the blue dogs, and get cracking on jobs. then promise single-payer in 2012! #
  • 21:41 white house: time to focus on jobs. kill the Failed #hcr blame republicans & blue dogs. promise us single-payer in 2012 and you have US! #
  • 21:51 @6c4 people will be so angry at the health insurers by then that no politician will have a choice in 2012. not even obama. #hcr #

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