problembear’s tweets

  • 17:59 Got rid of bobby hauck. Two more asshats to go. #retiredennison #resigno’day #umgrizzlies #
  • 18:58 all i want for christmas:somebody deliver george dennison to my cave with a big red ribbon on his tiny little delicious head #UMgrizzlies #
  • 19:07 perhaps i should be happy with bobby hauck’s exit, but too many UM students and workers have suffered under dennison’s reign of terror #
  • 19:10 there can be no real peace while asshats like george dennison thrive and Montana taxpayers,UM workers and students suffer. #greed #
  • 19:12 george dennison has built an empire of overpaid V.P.’s and administrators at U of Montana while cutting hours of those who do the real work #
  • 21:27 i believed what obama said during the campaign; ….sigh. guess i’m just a foolish old bear #
  • 21:30 needless to say…i won’t be celebrating tomorrow morning #hcr fail #
  • 11:07 Thanks missoula for all you do for your friends and neighbors in need. #
  • 11:11 Festivus in the forest has begun! Airing grievances officially begins. Mice too squeeky-squirrels annoying… #

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