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  • 19:05 we gave democrats a blank check for real reform. what we got was cowardice and corruption…leading this country into depression #idiots #
  • 19:10 "Price. A fair price. That’s not what you say it is, and it’s not what I say it is… It’s what the market will bear." – leonard smalls #
  • 19:17 non profits and those who must form the safety net for our crashing economy must prepare ourselves for a real and lasting depression soon… #
  • 19:18 the signs of a impending depression are becoming apparent now…like water quietly sucking back into the bay before the tidal wave #getready #
  • 19:24 @CRA1G the same "worth anything" economists who missed the bush-crash too?
    pass. #
  • 19:31 @CRA1G hope you are right craig- i work in a food bank. seeing montana coming apart here. wall street seems to have learned nothing imo #
  • 19:38 @CRA1G we’ll see….but thanks for giving some positive feedback-skeptical bear #
  • 10:28 what the hell is this state thinking promoting gambling on a lottery game today when so many desperate families are barely getting by? #
  • 10:30 should tax dollars be spent encouraging people to waste 20 bucks on a lottery game when so many are out of work and desperate? #MTFAIL #
  • 10:31 Montana’s government run lottery should quit promoting and preying on the dreams of desperate citizens in expensive overdone advertising #
  • 10:33 not only does MT lottery enable gambling addictions – now they are promoting it to grow their bureaucracy #MTFAIL #
  • 10:34 tell governor schweitzer that our state should not be in the business of promoting gambling- just administering and enforcing it. #
  • 10:35 when montana’s citizens voted to allow gambling they did not mean to promote and prey on desperate gambling addictions with advertising #
  • 10:36 allowing and administering gambling is ok. promoting it is not. #MTFAIL #
  • 10:41 MT voters did not endorse promotion of gambling when they voted to allow it. this is bureacratic mission creep.MT supreme Ct should look in! #
  • 10:42 @HuhDidUseeDat the supreme court should look into this and decide. i say this is very dicey legally and in extremely poor taste to boot #
  • 10:44 i think gov schweitzer could ask the MT lottery to at least dial their promoting back to levels that don’t entice people into poverty… #

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