trying to keep all the balls in the air…

“Just Looking For Loopholes.”

-Quote from W.C. Fields

caught reading the bible on his deathbed

Look, I believe you get married to someone you love and you stick to her ‘til death do you part no matter what. I believe you work hard to make a living and I believe you don’t hurt others intentionally just to get ahead. If these beliefs make me seem a little gullible or quaint so be it. It’s what I believe. I also believe you help others less fortunate than you are no matter how they act or what they did to get themselves in their predicament. I believe that if we give people half a chance to show us their good side, most of them will eventually. But I also believe that some people are just plain old diabolical and you need to avoid them if you can. But if you can’t avoid them you face them front on and don’t show fear. Fortunately, there aren’t many of them.

It’s ok to be flexible and adaptable to survive but deep down you have to stick to certain principles. There’s a lot of hype and hysteria about things that don’t matter a hell of a lot. I call it the age of hysteria. Politics, pop culture and celebrities don’t interest me much. But, music has been my anchor to cut through all the false noise.  I guess if I had to pick a song that defines my philosophy it would be “You Better Get It While You Can” by Steve Goodman. One of the best lines in music; “…from the cradle to the grave is a mighty short trip so you better get it while you can…” reminds me of what my grandfather Charlie always told me….”it’s only once around the track kid so make yourself proud.”



  1. If you aren’t interested in politics, somebody will be interested for you. And you know I don’t mean Repub/ Dem Spectacular politics, I mean a return to an authentic politics of negotiating disputes non violently.

  2. Like arm wrestling?

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  4. I love that this post is headed with the “Just Looking For Loopholes” quote. 🙂 Also, I’m happy to finally see a real post on here. Your tweeting is great, but I think it makes better twitter than post. I come to your blog to find awesome, thought-provoking, troubling, insightful, inspiring, completely constructed posts, but it has seemed a bit cluttered of late.

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