problembear’s tweets

  • 15:27 Anyone in missoula have warehouse space (heated) to rent reasonable or donate?
    Food bank needs more room to store food. Please DT thanks!-PB #
  • 16:43 just trying to keep all the balls in the air… #
  • 20:52 @bunnyrocket thanks but fiction is my game…just ask @LGPguin #
  • 21:00 don’t tell me leno’s still on….i thought when animals are severely injured and writhing in agony you put them down . this is cruel @NBC #
  • 22:58 older middle age- when blowing one’s nose transcends the accomplishment of an ordinary task to become a resolved quest #
  • 23:04 letterman/ferguson……leno/o’brien. perfect examples of mediocre dead wood blocking positions for the more talented. #
  • 23:07 @CBS why should we suffer thru letterman in order to see someone who is really funny. give ferguson late night… #
  • 23:09 oh….and @CBS….your twitter site is DEAD. hire some twelve year old and do something with it ferkrissakes. #
  • 23:24 Missoula County: if you were serious about recruiting volunteer elections judges, you’d have an easy sign-up link on your website. DUH OK? #

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