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  • 21:31 the radical right is a lot like the taliban; both excel at conflict and neither delivers health care, education or social necessities #
  • 21:34 the radical right mirrors the taliban in their intransigent stubbornness even as it badly harms the majority of the people in their country. #
  • 21:37 the radical right’s overzealous misinterpretations of the bible also mirror the taliban’s militaristic efforts to misinterpret the koran #
  • 21:39 both the radical right and the taliban prey on the poor and the intellectually disadvantaged to further their unholy and selfish agendas #
  • 21:46 sinclair lewis was right; america is a maudlin country. proud that we act to alleviate the suffering but i tire of the excessive emoting #
  • 21:56 @gregmortenson can build 30 schools in afghanistan with the money we spend on sending one soldier @billmoyer #
  • 22:00 if you missed it here is a short video: #

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