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  • 14:41 stimulus thought: too much status quo is preserved at the expense of new ideas. bound to fail if we don’t reverse this immediately. #economy #
  • 14:43 example: we have not laid off enough construction inspectors even though construction is practically dead. #economy #
  • 14:44 Example: most of missoula’s stimulus funds go to preserving administrator’s jobs. too many V.P.’s at U of M for one thing. #economy #
  • 14:48 even when bureaucracies do rarely lay off employees, it is always the ones who do the work, rather than the administrators. #economy #
  • 14:50 most people know how to do their jobs efficiently. top-heavy administration only gets in the way. eliminate it. #economy #
  • 14:53 @mjfrombuffalo check to see how many top-heavy administrators and supervisors can be laid off to hire the real workers then. #economy #
  • 15:03 @kpaxnews to whoever is loading links into your main story- you are missing part of the website address for OSK so it doesn’t work… #
  • 15:10 by the way @kpax you people are doing a fantastic job of tweeting good stuff to us. thanks. – PB #
  • 15:13 sorry @kpaxnews meant to thank you guys not @kpax …whoever the hell they are. #
  • 16:15 a charitable org is only as strong as its accounting department #

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