problembear’s tweets

  • 20:09 uh oh… boo boos are a no no with nukes… #
    Airmen missed 48 percent of the 711 nuclear weapons-related materials… #
  • 20:30 DAMN! what’s going on in Great Falls? #
  • 20:33 i run a warehouse and if i lost 48% of my inventory i would be fired…and i don’t work with nuclear weapons!!!!!!!!!!!! #
  • 20:35 is that a glorious montana sunset or just an accidental blast from one of our missing icbm warheads? #
  • 21:08 oops misplaced a warhead someplace… don’t move until i find it… #
  • 21:28 hypocrisy in the far right … #
  • 21:41 just blocked the evil christian coalition from following me….very satisfying. worst bunch of corp sponsored liars and thieves ever #
  • 21:45 catholic church is the largest and richest landowner in europe but they say they aren’t liable and can’t afford to pay victims for abuse #
  • 21:49 sorry Christian coalition- i forgot about these guys… #
  • 21:49 guess you are not quite the worst thieves and liars ever afterall,,,, #
  • 21:54 i hereby award the second place assholes of the universe to the second runner up – the christian coalition. first place goes to the vatican #
  • 22:00 i suspect a classmate of mine killed himself after high school because of a priest pedophile… #pope #
  • 22:41 it is just a matter of time before the extreme right wing of the republican party evaporates itself in it’s own sauté pan of hatred… #
  • 22:48 finally it comes out – we already knew that john mccain was nuts … now sarah palin is showing her insane side… #
  • 22:49 @LGpguin sorry…. i forgot to take my meds again #
  • 22:59 if you catch yourself starting to believe the far right’s fear campaign just remember who was in charge when 911 happened #republicanfail #
  • 10:04 Something special about missoula -watching smokejumpers practice skydiving skills for fire season on way out to new warehouse. Lucky to … #

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