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  • 22:41 thanks @missoulian for live tweeting the anti-discrimination hearing tonight…in support of the ordinance #
  • 22:53 how many pastors does missoula have that preach hate and discrimination anyway? #missoulaequality #
  • 22:57 no valid reasons to discriminate. no church and no pastor should be preaching that discrimination of anyone is ok. #missoulaequality #
  • 23:14 ya just gotta love missoula… we have every type of crazy represented here…and boy do they ever represent #missoulaequality #
  • 23:15 somebody better throw an anchor rope on mike fellows before he floats away again into jupiter’s orbit. #missoulaequality #
  • 23:19 @MikeWessler air force sleep deprivation limits for many of these people is exceeded and babbling may become a problem #missoulaequality #
  • 23:21 oh well then, he goes to griz games…by all means let’s vote no and allow discrimination to continue… wrong #missoulaequality #
  • 23:26 if those opposing this ordinance were less obsessed about other people’s private lives there would be no problem here #missoulaequality #
  • 23:31 most people are still lucid tonite and polite to one another … very good meeting in that regard – way to go missoula! #missoulaequality #
  • 23:34 pastor talking about how he doesn’t support the ordinance but his church doesn’t preach discrimination. wth is that bs? #missoulaequality #

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