loan sharking cash….at 650% interest rates!

unbelievable that montana still allows these guys to charge 650% interest for payday loans. if you borrow 200.00 from these leeches they will want 250.00 in two weeks! if you keep doing this over the course of a year, you will end up paying 1300.00 for the same 200.00 loan. that my friends is 650%

it is time to regulate these loan sharks. the Montana Women Vote is sponsoring a voter initiative to do just that. i will be helping them gather signatures in the next few weeks to put I-164 on the ballot so that montana’s fair-minded voters can finally rein in the greedheads who prey on our working poor.

the heinous tactics of this industry in attacking the most vulnerable during this recession have attracted the attention of congress as well.

if you would like to help us gather signatures please contact Erin at Montana Women Vote


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