no more mr. nice guy


This guy is a Bushwhacker

dark money in Montana has angered me by targeting someone i like. Llew Jones is a life long Republican who has always followed his conscience and represents his constituency with decency and integrity. He practically supports the town of Conrad with his business endeavors. And i really like hunting pheasant with his friends. I don’t like “Bushwackers.” as Llew called them a few weeks ago.

Bushwackers are the worst sort of criminal. They hide behind masks and stay in the shadows. Now the Bushwackers have managed to intimidate enough Republican lawmakers here in Montana from doing the right thing by their constituents and vote against Medicaid Expansion to help mostly working poor here in Montana. Jake Eaton and his out of state Bushwackers have invaded the People’s House of our Montana Legislature and now it is down to the last week for our Legislature to pass Healthcare for Montana’s working poor.  They have already managed to pass measures designed to suppress voters from registering on election day, which we will fight.

if i were a Republican i would be ashamed of my party right now. belly crawling cowardly hide in the dark money that Bushwhacks good people trying to take care of their constituents is my idea of pure evil.

The Bushwhackers have no shame. They don’t care whether or not Montana’s workers have Healthcare. They just want to please their masters back in Washington DC. Nobody in this state ever elected Jake Eaton to anything. who is he to tell our lawmakers how to vote?

the following legislators who were intimidated by these Bushwhackers should face the working poor constituents in their districts who will lose out on this Federal Program which would have provided their families with Health Care insurance and apologize for their cowardice…..

Reps. Liz Bangerter of Helena, Ted Washburn of Bozeman, Christy Clark of Choteau and Roger Hagan of Cascade.

and as far as mr Llew Jones goes…. he’s no coward. we need more like him in the legislature.


  1. Yep. That about covers it. I, too, admire the courage of Mr. Jones. He’s old school Republican, and I hadn’t realized that there were any of them left.

  2. Gosh! We Liberals need to protect moderate GOP, We need people like this to balance our views for everyone.

    And this Jack Eaton, this piece of dodo, with his buddy group that just formed here in Montana “EyeStrategic” do they even have a lobbying right to be in this state? Have they signed with the “Political Practices Commission?”

  3. Perhaps the RINOs you mentioned should be truthful to the people and themselves and run as democrats! Perhaps a few more of the legislators that want to vote with the democrats should switch parties.

    • it would be extremely ignorant to call llew jones anything but a republican. the GOP leadership in Helena is taking orders from out of state corporate dark money groups which do not represent any Montanans. Montana’s GOP leadership has turned it’s back on Montana and betrays their own constituents.

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