will someone in a black robe please take a walk with judge Baugh and tell him his services are no longer needed in Montana…..

by problembear…..

There is a great opinion piece in the Missoula Independent today….


We know there is honor among thieves. This is a challenge to see if there is honor among judges. The embarrassing district judge Todd Baugh remains seated and despite the wrath of the public, his ability to preside over further cases continues and his conduct has been mostly met with silence from our courts. Despite a massive judicial blunder which is costing the state of Montana millions he continues to draw a salary of $117,600.00 from taxpayers. His conduct regarding the rape case of a 14 year old girl who subsequently committed suicide has been reprehensible. his legal knowledge regarding rape sentencing guidelines has been shown to be so lacking that he should be immediately removed from the bench before he can cause more  mayhem and a judicial panel should be convened to conduct an investigation into his competence.

Judge Baugh’s breathtaking ignorance and colossal insensitivity toward the victim on his bench has attracted national coverage and his continued employment continues to heap humiliation on the state of Montana. Waiting will only supporate this wound further and reflect poorly on the judicial branch of this state. If honor still resides in our courts and if serving the law means anything to our court system, Judge Baugh’s removal should be the highest priority of all 45 district judges of Montana.

If there is indeed honor among judges, we shouldn’t need to spend another minute on this. I am thinking that one of Judge Baugh’s peers could simply take him for a long walk and suggest he resign and save Montana further embarrassment.