Excerpt from MERCY….



Bud Robert looked at the meadow across the lake. Moose were pulling weeds from the inlet channel of Brushy Fork Lake and the falling drops of water from their chewing could be heard a half mile away in the still dawn air. A loon began to siren to it’s mate on Bill’s lake, just a mile away. Bud Robert regretted the death of Tim. That Tim would miss this today seemed a crime. He began to write something in his head.



Note to ACLU:

RE: Original Sin


The grievous punishment meted out to the human race for the crime of “taking a bite out of an apple” is disproportionately harsh. The sentence of a lifetime of hard labor followed immediately by a slow and painful death, is discriminatory and unconstitutional and the threat of going to Hell if we don’t follow strict rules constitutes unreasonable and inhumane treatment.


The plaintiff seeks a return to plaintiff’s original condition and demands redress in the following:


  • Paradise restored.
  • Free apples for everyone
  • Clothing optional
  • No more aging. Maximum age 29.
  • No more disease, illness, or disability.
  • No more war.
  • Unlimited natural resources. Gratis.
  • All animals will live in peace.
  • No more death.




The Human Race

P/S Since paradise is already Heaven, there is no need to go anywhere else.

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