Keeping land free from human aggression is difficult. Humans are wired to build things. It’s in our DNA. Since 1964 land designated Wilderness has been under attack by business oriented groups and political groups opposed to the very idea of Wilderness. While most Wilderness supporters view Wilderness as the very essence of our American ideal of freedom, opposing groups view Wilderness as obstructing their freedom to ruin it. This, in a nutshell, describes the conflict that Wilderness poses. In the face of growing population needs and the resource competition that engenders political extremism, how do we maintain the protection that Wild lands deserve?

So far, Democracy has worked. Since the creation of the Wilderness Act, Public opinion polls have consistently supported Wilderness. But as populations expand, how can we expect public opinion to remain supportive of protection? Through well-funded opposition campaigns designed to obfuscate and deny real data in other political arenas, actual Scientific knowledge itself is under attack. How do we resist this when it comes to arguing for Wilderness Preservation? How do we combat the enormous funding of the Koch Bros and industry groups who oppose Wilderness and indeed, the very idea of Public lands in America?

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