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Abandoned dog generic

The S.O. and I risked our lives making a left hand turn on hwy 93 and thought we would pay a visit to the homeless dogs being housed at the Missoula  Humane Society shelter  today.  in the past, we used to  visit and play with the dogs that are waiting for new homes.  our third rescue dog died last year and we are now ready to adopt another dog for our family. when we entered the building a very sour person standing behind the reception desk told us that we could not go into the shelter and see the dogs. she said we needed to select a dog from their online site first and then someone would allow us to visit with the poor animal one at a time. we didn’t have all day. the S.O. works on saturday afternoon and i work weekdays so this is the only tiny window we have to check the dogs out.

she said that visitors and potential owners can no longer walk in and see the dogs first so that we can select potential companions. what kind of craziness is this?

first of all, i cannot tell how a dog behaves by viewing them online. i do not pick out dogs based on their looks. i pick out a dog who acts the way i want them to act: alert, playful, not too barky. friendly without too much aggression. how do you ascertain which dog is right for you or your family if you can’t see how they act when you walk in to the room where they are caged?

what is wrong with this outfit. not only is the policy hurtful to visitors and potential owners/rescuers  of these animals, i doubt if the dogs like it either. in years past i have always walked back in the kennels to visit with dogs and walk them just to give them some momentary companionship. even if the right dog is not there that day,  at least i felt good about giving some animals a little time outside their little cages.

i have yet to see a dog that does not like to see me. what is wrong with the missoula humane society? have they lost their minds. putting up impediments to those of us who want to  give abandoned dogs  a good home is assinine. the woman behind the counter was rude, condescending and did not even attempt to smile as she gave us her dictates. needless to say, we left and will not return until the people running this shelter get some common sense and allow people to visit with the dogs so that we can choose a companion for our families in person rather than picking one out  online.

i would strongly suggest that the board of directors of this shelter take a good look at this policy and discuss how the public feels when presented with it at the door.

failing that, the board or the executive director should at least get someone up front who smiles and acts polite and friendly while attempting to explain this ridiculous policy to incredulous potential rescuers instead of alienating us.

frankly i do not understand how anyone makes the argument that picking out dogs online is a sane policy when we are already there.  how the hell are we supposed to pick out a dog without seeing it in person. it is basic animal chemistry to touch and see and hear other animals. i can’t do that online.

montana republican lawmaker’s dream of slaughtering horses dims..




republican rep. “slim pickens” Butcher consults with speaker “that’s hedley” Bergren about governor “black bart” schweitzer’s threat to veto their ill fated horse slaughter bill in the montana legislature. poor babies.


and most montanans really don’t care much for the smell…..

i’m so tired….

rolex and rolaids in montana


in a few weeks it will be time to launch the drift boat

 into a back eddy of the bitteroot to float and glide

past the trails of deer and bear but today is spent indoors

with my friends


anton chekhov and mark twain got up a game of cards

with william faulkner, kathleen o’connor, JFK and golda meir

while silvia plath emptied the contents of emily dickinson’s purse

in a desperate search for rolaids.


hemingway showed off his new rolex while entertaining nabakov

with stories about hunting in wyoming.

norman mailer would not come out of the bathroom

because marilyn monroe could not keep her hands off of miles davis

who ignored everything that dosteyevski had told him about women.


the kitchen was taken over by jimi hendrix and stephan crane

telling lewd jokes to everyone who would listen

and janis joplin slipped out the back door

to smoke some good weed with jim crumley, truman capote

and charlie parker.


and me? i am content to watch the show and sip good whiskey

while listening to merle haggard, U2 and tom waits sing the real life

we all know.

why use a helicopter???


let’s give George W and Dick a ride home they won’t forget…..

all the animals want something to eat…i just want to eat more than most of them…


and tonight this animal just wants cinnamon rolls…

maybe the diet i am on is making me delerious, but visions of cinnamon rolls and true danish pastries from my favorite bakeries are on my mind these days- and i have a question pertaining to the place where i live. don’t get me wrong, missoula has some fine hippy and yuppie bakeries among the best are le Petite Outre and Bernice’s, but they are not the traditional danish bakeries i grew up around. other than the sad substitute of a supermarket bakery- Missoula does not seem to have a traditional danish bakery. this seems strange for a town of this size to be bereft of the flaky epicurean delights of scandinavian culture.

one of this bear’s first memories at age 5 was the smell of cinnamon wafting from the back of a bakery delivery truck in Medford Oregon as a man dressed in white (yes- i am quite middle-aged) pulled still warm cinnamon rolls from a huge rack of shelves stuffed with seemingly endless arrays of pastry. it looked like heaven to a small black bear cub as the man dressed all in white swung the double doors open and exposed the epicenter of the caloric black hole- it instantly sucked me in. i swiveled toward his every movement with my nose positioned like the magnetic north of a compass to suck in the most concentrated mass of cinnamon molecules i had ever inhaled. the deliveryman ignored me as he swept past to our neighbor’s house. some money was exchanged and the screen door slapped a loud rebuff to my begging whine. it may have been the first time  i ever seriously considered breaking and entering. i was too young to know the name of that bakery but that truck will forever be the conveyance of my soul to heaven whenever i finally offer this bedraggled and outsized bear body to the local rendering plant.

later, our family moved to Beaverton Oregon where a true danish bakery has been operating non stop since 1925. The Beaverton Bakery fulfilled all my pastry cravings from 5 to the age of 20 when i moved to Eugene to sample the delights of college life which never included pastries of any kind although i did enjoy mama’s home fried truck stop for eggs and hashbrowns- of course during the college years my cravings did not allow me to eat much. seemed to subsist mostly on mother earth corn chips and baskin-robbins chocolate almond fudge….accompanied by lots of beer from maxwell’s and the mill race tavern and the black forest ….

i have sampled many fine danish style bakeries accross the pacific northwest among the notable was cannon beach bakery home of the haystack bread.  but none would ever come close to the memory of the nameless truck delivering pastry door to door in Medford Oregon…..

now that my legs are straining like a 5000 lb toyota forklift to hoist  my mass out of chairs it is time to lighten the load so my pastry days are over for now…must get solace from a wad of green lettuce and a 6 ounce steak…and the noncaloric memories of my pastry devouring youth, which have accumulated prodigious girth in the past ten years….

during a recent visit to a clinic the doctor was diplomatic but obviously concerned about the speciman she was inspecting…i offered that there was a team of experts working on the problem day and night as to how i could have allowed my waist size to approximate the entire circumference of a pair of pants once nailed to the wall (for the amusement of the clientele )above the door of the wigwam sporting goods store i frequented as a kid or perhaps they were displayed simply as a curiosity to people who could not comprehend a corpse so large as to require that much cloth to envelop them… but now i believe the riddle has been solved – i am not particularly big boned nor am i absorbing calories from the montana air… turns out i ate too much.

and as to why Missoula doesn’t have a true traditional danish bakery it may be a moot point and a fortuitous fact that there is no danish bakery nearby…i can’t have any for a long time now…

“oh no, it’s coming right for us…”


is this a bad episode of South Park or can Jimbo and Ned actually be right? a real depression does seem to be descending on us. unemployment is growing daily. GM is facing bankruptcy. the bail-out does not appear to be working. what should we do about it to prepare for survival? stockpile toilet paper? whiskey? canned food? gather scattered family members into tribal communal living to share the daily gathering of needs….or do we do anything at all? right wingers and gun nuts will want to check out this site for tips on surviving the coming economic collapse. greenies will want to check this out. as for me…i can’t decide between taking all the remaining cash to Las Vegas and gambling it all on roulette after taking in a show of louie anderson at the excalibur and asking him to remind me about his plan to die slumped over the wheel with a cheeseburger and a milk shake…..or taking to the hills and panning for gold….either way, have fun kids.

meanwhile….back at the ranch

don’t worry- W and his crack team are on it. while henry paulson continues to try to prime the pump into operating again with our trillion, W is going to fix everything on Nov 15 by hosting a world leader summit in Washington. Maybe the europeans will have another idea that George and Henry can copy.

of course, by then most of us will be unemployed and too broke to care anymore. it just makes us all feel better to see that W is on the job. are you sure we can’t just hire colin powell to take over as a temp for a few months until Obama can get his bearings? and i’m pretty sure warren buffet can spare a few months to take over for henry at treasury- not that we’re losing confidence or anything….wait just a goldanged minute there, did i just hear the freight cars filled with nitroglycerin come uncoupled from the engine of our economy…and it it’s rolling downhill toward a sewer septic plant. uh oh this could be bad….meanwhile back at the ranch in sedona a seance is being held to summon the gipper from his tennis match with gorbachav in hell, but the devil won’t take a collect call and poor pretty palin is running out of clothes.

the truth about the wall street bailout

courtesy NY Times- Pictured are SEC chairman Christopher Cox and Roel C. Campos

so now that congress has volunteered US taxpayers to bail out wall street it might be instructive to ask the question how did we ever get to this sorry state of affairs?  according to the NY TIMES turns out these two jackasses have a lot to do with it.

the chairman of the SEC is appointed by the President of the United States. remind us again why Cox is still drawing a salary for not doing his job? oh that’s right- he serves at the pleasure of this fool:

the complete and utter destruction of the economy of the United States was the goal of al quaeda.         mission accomplished by W


I haven’t seen evil like this since the days of G. Gordon Liddy and Ehrlichman tried to rig the election for Nixon. if you think you have been targeted by GOP operatives in challenging your right to vote you can check your status at this site. these folks can help too. i told a normally mild mannered volunteer about what the republicans are up to in Montana and his jaw visibly clenched and his fists turned white. “this just makes me sick” he said. this man was a lifelong republican. he called me today and told me that he has re-registered as an independent. he told me he will vote democrat this election.

“Mr Risk” Secretary of Treasury


Henry Paulson wants US to give him and his friends almost 1 trillion dollars to bail out his old company Goldman-Sachs and other friends on wall street. who is Henry Paulson?

  • graduated from Harvard 1970
  • worked in Nixon administration for Erlichman 1972-1973
  • worked for Goldman-Sachs from 1974 to 2006
  • CEO of Goldman-Sachs from 1998-2006 where he gained nickname “Mr Risk”
  • appointed treasury secretary by George Bush July 3, 2006.
  • in 2004 took home 30 million in bonuses
  • in 2005 took home 37 million in bonuses
  • estimated net worth 700 million

Henry Paulson does not care about the future of this country or it’s citizens. he cares about his wealth and the wealth of his friends. if you are trying to rid a field of weeds, you do not lift the irrigation headgate and flood it with water. you let it wither and die- then you burn it in the fall to get rid of the seeds. Henry Paulson and his friends are the weeds which infest our country. we need to let them wither and die. only then, can new growth occur.

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